"Badassfully, are you sleeping with my sister?"
"Slumber would be difficult due to the energetic nature of our copulation."

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TMI Wakka

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i never remembered the digimon movie being this cool

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Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not

Chris McClure, a friend of the band’s from High Green, ended up – unwittingly – becoming the cover star. “It made sense to have him on the front cover,” said designer Scott Jones, “because as an album, it’s representing a day in the life of this guy, it’s representing the whole ‘work during the week, get twatted at the weekend, then do the same thing over and over again’ thing. The cover shot is just a snapshot of the Saturday night at one point.”

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"batfam, pacific rim AU" by 陌桑

Oh god. ♥

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lil hoodrat

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Bruce & Alfred commission

Pencil and ink on bristol, 9”x12”

Colors in Photoshop


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